Blood Call was developed to help people, please use with caution!

What is blood donation?
Blood donation is voluntary, blood donors donate whole blood, plasma or blood components and do not receive any compensation for their contribution (but in some cases there are souvenirs).The blood is usually stored in a blood bank, medical units or in the Red Cross Society's custody for those who need transfusions. This ensures blood quality can be guaranteed and is conducive to the health and safety of the recipient.

The average person may donate blood at blood donation centers that are fixed in various regions. Many blood donation centers regularly conduct blood donation drives at schools, public areas and events to solicit blood donors to meet district activities.

Why Blood Call?
Blood donation is a meaningful behavior, although there are numerous ways to contact regarding blood donation, but patients needing blood donors are numerous.For example, when a there is a serious incident, especially accidents and the blood bank is facing a blood shortage, etc..

Newly developed by Sanmino Technology, we introduce you to a new class of blood donation app Blood Call, for the users to have another avenue to contact suitable blood donors as well as expanding the assistance network.Blood Call is based on the user's mobile phone location and helps provide information in the
shortest possible time to locate the patient's blood requirement.


New December update
Sanmino Technology development team after data collection and research, from the Blood Call 2.0 will be improved for patients in need of assistance fight more via expand the help range.


    Blood Call
    Basic function introduce!!

    First step. Open Blood Call, automatic registration!

    The Blood Call app is developed mainly for people in an emergency situation, so when the user first opens Blood Call they will be registered automatically.Do not worry, the main reason for this registration is to prevent misuse of the app, and also to update the
    server based on the user's mobile phone location to provide alerts and notifications locally.

    Second step. Posting a request message!

    Go to the post message option, please fill in clearly the patient information, blood type needed, request deadline contact person information then post the message, it is that simple.The server will notify Blood Call users in the same location of the request.

    Third step. Blood Call the Share features!!

    During the request period, to increase the channels of contact when the user receives a request message, the user can also SMS the request information to phonebook contacts or to anyone to reach more people.

    Help, please do not misuse. Rescue!!

    Blood Call was developed to help people, please use with caution! If found to have improper posts, please immediately report in Blood Call. We will review the report for further action, if found to be in violation the user will be blacklisted and deleted.




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